Month: March 2018

Ways Personal Injury Attorneys Can be Helpful in Filing Car Insurance Claims

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident at no fault of your own you may assume that getting compensation for damages, injuries, and associated costs would be easy. You were informed of the first time you got behind the wheel of a car, that if you were ever in an accident that you were to contact your insurance company and file a claim. If you have adequate insurance, once you pay the deductible, all costs related to the accident would be covered. However, many find out it isn’t always this cut and dry.

An Attorney Can Help

If you’ve sustained serious injuries and damages to your vehicle, getting an attorney involved early on is the safest bet. You should find an attorney who specializes in personal injury law where the accident took place. For example, if you lived in Florida, you might need to hire an ocala lawyer.

Lawyers are not only well-versed in personal injury laws, they are also skilled at communicating with insurance companies and their attorneys. They will ensure that you receive a fair offer for your misfortune. Below is a look at how an attorney can help.

Review Settlement Offers

Insurance companies don’t want to pay out high costs for an accident – even if their covered driver was at fault. Therefore, they will try and put together an offer that sounds good to the victim and hopes that they will settle the matter. While some offers may be fair, there is a very real possibility that you’re being short-changed.
A personal injury lawyer knows how settlements work. They will review all of the facts of the case, your personal, medical, and financial circumstances, and the law to determine if you’ve been offered enough for the accident. They can negotiate with the insurance … Read the rest