A Few Things You Should Know About Becoming a Part-time Notary Public

You may be curious what the point would be in becoming a notary public on a part-time basis. There are many advantages to doing this. Although many people do this full time, notary work in no way needs to be a full-time occupation. The following are a few things you should know about the advantages of getting a commission as a notary.

It adds another service to your present business
There are many businesses that can benefit from another service for their customers. For example, if you have a mail box business that rents out postal boxes and sells other products related to shipping, you may find that a notary service is something people are interested in. Often documentation must be notarized before being mailed, so if you offer a mailing service at your postal center business, you may find that people will go directly to your business for the notary service. They may then purchase envelopes and event stamps so that everything can be done at the same time. Another example would be a real estate office. Many people find it necessary to use a notary service for documents involving real estate, so you will already have this service for their convenience as well as a bit more profit for your business.

It can mean a second income
This work is easily done in a person’s spare time. You can do the work of a notary outside of your normal work hours. To make things even more attractive as a second income, the work can be mobile. You can bring your supplies directly to the customer and do the work needed where the customer needs it to be done.

The time it takes to become a notary is very short in all states. All states will require you to purchase a surety bond to protect your customers from any mistakes you may make that lead to a financial loss. This is a common form of insurance for those engage with legal documents. You will have to fill out a notary application and send it to the appropriate state office. Some states will require a short course, so you understand the exact process involved. Once you are approved for a commission, you will need to buy your supplies, including a notary stamp.