Bail Fugitives and Rewards

Bail is a useful part of the judicial process. The court system saves millions of dollars every year by allowing individuals to remain out of prison pending their actual court trial. In the vast majority of cases, these people turn up as scheduled, regardless of their innocence or guilt, and the bail money is returned to either them or their guarantor. However, there are times when someone tries to beat the system, get released from jail on bail, only to try to flee justice. That is when a reward can come in quite handy to the general public.

What is a Bail Fugitive?

Imagine that a bail bond company Allentown PA is kind enough to post bail on behalf of someone. They post that bail under the assurance that the individual will return for their trial and the money be returned back to them. When a person fails to show up, they become not only a fugitive of the court system, but a bail fugitive as well.

Why the Reward?

Depending on the nature of the crime, bail can be set quite high in many criminal cases. So, a bail bond company might have quite the investment in terms of the individual showing back up as scheduled. They are, if you will, hedging their bets that this will occur. When it doesn’t, they have quite a substantial stake in helping bring that fugitive in to face their day in court. They are willing to offer a reward to any individual who provides information about a bail fugitive that leads to their arrest. Once that person is returned to prison, the bail is released, and so is the reward.

What To Do Next

If you think you might have seen someone who is a fugitive from the law, it is best to contact law enforcement officials to let them know. You can also check with bail bond companies in your area to see who they have on their list as people who have skipped bail on them. You will see the rewards listed on the site as well.