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Why Estate Planning is Important Life can be spontaneous and unpredictable. Sometimes the plans people make don’t turn out the way the way they would like them to. Nevertheless this in no way implies that plans should not be made. Planning your life makes you much more organized and prepared for things. However, it is a concerning aspect that people tend to plan for stuff like vacations, dinner and lunch dated and very little is done to talk about what happens to one’s property after they pass on. This is a delicate subject and therefore most people tend to avoid it. In as much as people don’t want to think about it, death is a part of life that is inevitable just like most other rites of passage in life. Preparing for end of life doesn’t mean that you are purposing to die. It simply means you are putting the right mechanisms in place to ensure that what and who and what you care about is taken care of after you leave. A majority of those who are young and at the prime of life choose to ignore such stuff. The truth is that even some that are older tend to have little interest in discussing such matters. Nevertheless, estate planning has some major advantages among which a few are discussed herein. Eliminates Family Strife
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There is nothing as horrible as having people fighting over property once a loved one has passed on. What is even worse is having people who are supposed to be close to each other and consoling each other ripping each others hair out because of property that has been left behind. It is very common to hear of such cases. Certain members may feel like they deserve to be in charge, while another member may feel like the person who is deceased might have owed them more.
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Some feuds can be so serious and legal action ends up being a priority when it comes to coming up with a solution. This is the whole reason why it is very important to have an estate plan. Estate planning allows you to make the decision regarding who takes care of your assets in case of death or incapacitation.They go a long way in ensuring that your property is handled properly and your family does not end up hating each other. You Get To Choose How Your Assets are Controlled Everyone likes to have control over their property. Having worked hard for something, means you want to have a say in how the funds are spent and who the beneficiaries are. In order to avoid getting your wealth squandered by those that don’t have a clue where it came from it is wise to draft a will with the help of an estate planning attorney. This means that if there is a charity organization you love donating to, you can continue to do so even after you pass on.