Klaudia’s Corner Break Up Advice: Avoid Post-Divorce Regrets

Even people that are cool-headed, rational and mature can become a red-faced lunatic while dealing with their future ex-spouse. Divorces are not something that happens on a whim. They require careful thought and planning like any other major life event. Anyone considering the option of divorce needs to be aware of the biggest regrets many people have after everything is finalized.

Forgetting What Matters

Parents need to focus on the welfare of their children, stay calm and keep them out of any disagreements. Non-parents need to remember the divorce is about having a peaceful life with goals and plans. These things are much more important than who gets a set of dishes or the big television.

Avoiding Legal Assistance

Divorce is a financially frightening time because people often lose half of their income. Saving money by not hiring a lawyer is never a good solution. An attorney is the rational, unbiased voice of reason. Their job is to help the client use the law to their advantage without allowing emotions to overrule.

Losing Emotional Control

It is not unusual for an amicable divorce to become contentious. Small disagreements escalate quickly and stress causes people to do and say regretful things. Try to avoid this scenario. It is embarrassing and may be used to decide custody.

Acquiescing on Needs

It is possible to be too cooperative. Parents taking on full custody should request child support. Working for decades for a home and possessions and then handing it all over is senseless. No one wants to seem greedy but everyone has a right to expect to have enough to start out their new life comfortably.

Making Attorneys Responsible

Listen to the advice of attorneys and follow their suggestions. Giving them all the control is careless. At the end of the case, the attorney walks away and the client must live with the decisions. People need to be in agreement with every choice that will shape their future.

Not every divorcing couple will need Klaudia’s Corner break up advice to keep them in control or help them to avoid making mistakes. Many divorces are agreeable to everyone involved and move at a quick pace. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know how things will go until the process is over. Preparing for the worst possible scenario will make certain that the right choices are made no matter how flexible or unreasonable the other spouse becomes.