Requesting Service for Your Premises

As the owner of a theme park, you are held to a stringent legal and ethical code of conduct. It is entirely up to you to make sure all of the rides are safe and in good working order. To reduce your liability, you must ensure all of them pose no danger to the public or to the people who will ride on them throughout the theme park season.

Rather than call around for help getting the rides inspected, you might shorten this process by reaching out to trained and experienced officials online. You can use the online form to request service, ask for a ride expert witness , and explain what kinds of inspections you are needing before you open the doors to your park.

Describing Your Rides

When you use the online form, you are given the chance to explain just what kinds of services you need for your theme park. In particular, you can go into detail about what kinds of rides you have at your park and what concerns you have that they may not necessarily be safe for the public to ride right now.

You can also explain what if any mechanical failures rides have suffered in the past. You can tell the officials what repairs have been done and how long ago those repairs were made to the rides. Based on this information, the people from the company can then determine what aspects to look for when they inspect your rides.

After you submit the form, you can receive a call or email back from the company. You can include your name, email address, and phone number on the form so the ride inspectors know whom to contact about inspecting your park.

Once your theme park has been inspected, you may then have the proof you need to present to state and federal officials who require this inspection from you. You will have the inspections documented for your own peace of mind as well. You may then open your theme park’s doors, knowing that you have done what you can to reduce your liability.