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Aside from the brutal whipping, drinking of urine and eating of cockroaches, other punishments included drinking vinegar and toilet water, head-shaving and promoting of condoms and sanitary pads in public. An efficient guardian has to study the difference between punishment and discipline.

10 Roscoe Pound, Interpretations of Legal History, Gale, Making of Modern Law, 2010; Jerzy Wroblewski, Up to date Models of Authorized Science, Lodz, Polish Academy of Sciences, 1989. Once more, there was full consistency in the findings of those research that mental well being problems in childhood and adulthood had been related to using bodily punishment.

In psychology, punishment is the reduction of a behavior through application of an unpleasant stimulus (“optimistic punishment”) or removing of a pleasant stimulus (“damaging punishment”). This mannequin conforms to the formal view of the rule of law, with lack of regard to morality however energy in sure and clear laws.

Most involves hitting (smacking”, slapping”, spanking”) kids, with the hand or with an implement ……. In the view of the Committee, corporal punishment is invariably degrading. Social info processing principle (Grusec and Goodnow 1994) means that the most important long-term purpose of family discipline is to assist kids internalise the values and attitudes of society to guide their own behaviour.