What To Ask A Lawyer Before Hiring Them

The decision to hire a lawyer is never something to take lightly. Most reputable attorneys will offer potential clients the opportunity to have a free consultation. During these consultations, you should vet the lawyer to figure out if they would be a good fit to work with you concerning your legal matters. Below are some of the top questions you should ask a potential attorney Pinellas County to ensure you only hire a reputable one such as the ones found at www.glaroslaw.com.


How Long Have You Been A Practicing Lawyer?

You could potentially meet with a lawyer who has had their degree for years. However, the more important thing to find out is how long they have been a practicing lawyer. This is necessary to know because the longer a lawyer has been practicing, the more experience they will have. The legal issue you are facing might not be suitable for someone who has just recently finished law school.


What Kinds Of Cases Do You Usually Take On?

Before you hire any lawyer, you want to ensure they have lots of expertise in the area of law that pertains to your specific case. You can also ask them how much of their time has been devoted to helping clients with similar cases to yours. The answer to this can help you determine if they would be the perfect fit for your legal issues.


How Do You Charge Your Legal Fees?

While cost alone should never be the main deciding factor for hiring a lawyer, it is still something that needs to be factored into your final choice in a lawyer. It is important to know beforehand how they will bill you for their services. Some attorneys bill their clients by the hour and some charge a base fee per case.

Aside from these questions to ask a potential lawyer, you should see how well you interact with them during the initial consultation. The communication between you and your lawyer needs to be good or you will have a hard time working together on your case. It is important to hire a lawyer who will work hard for you.