Workman’s Compensation


Compensation is the entire reward top employees accepted the results of the work of the employees in the organization. Compensation can either be physical and non physical and must be calculated and provided to employees in accordance with the sacrifice that he had given the organization/company employees work. Iowa Workman”s Compensation is the famous lawyer who can provide the solution at the time of the employees have any problem within the company.


Workers may be tallying up the performance and sacrifice himself with the compensation received. When employees feel dissatisfied with the compensation obtained, then he can try to find another job that gives better compensation. It’s quite dangerous for companies when competitors recruiting/hijack employees who feel dissatisfied because can divulge the secrets of the company/organization.


The health maintenance guarantee is a guarantee as an effort to combat and prevention of health disorders that require inspection, treatment, and/or treatments including pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore the healing efforts require funds not less and incriminating if charged to individuals, then it should have the response capability of the society through the social security program. Workers in national development, with increasing risk and responsibility as well as the challenges it faces.

Therefore, to their perceived need to be given the protection, maintenance, and improvement of welfare giving rise to a sense of security in their work.

As public programs, the social maintenance guarantee gives rights and burdening liability for certain (compulsory) in the form of cash compensation and medical services, are obligations is paying dues. A good compensation will give some positive effects on the organization/company as follows below:

  1. Get a good-quality workers
  2. Motivating workers to work more actively and resounding achievements
  3. Easy in execution in administration as well as its legal

Various/Other Types Of Compensation Given To Employees:

  1. Reward Extrinsic
  2. Extrinsic rewards in the form of money, among others, for example:

– Salaries

– Bonus

– Commission

  1. Reward extrinsic that shape as the benefit/allowance supplementary examples such as:

– Meal

– Transportation/shuttle

– Insurance

  1. Intrinsic Rewards

Rewards in the form of intrinsic physical shape and not only can be felt in the form of a continuity of the work, a clear succession, the conditions of the work environment, the work is interesting, and others.